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The study of God is the most essential discipline to get accurate during our lifetimes. Systematic Theology 1 will cover the major tenets of biblical doctrine.

We are officially launching the Entrust Institute in just a few weeks, and we would love for you to be a part of it.


  • Degree-Seeking – For any person called into the ministry with a desire for seminary education, enroll in the Entrust Institute for a fully-accredited Masters of Divinity program. Through this approach, your degree will be conferred by North Greenville University in partnership with the Entrust Institute.
  • Development-Seeking – For any person who desires to know the Word of God better and how to apply it and teach it, you can take this course for free. You are more than welcome to get the textbooks and read along as you like as well. We ask you to register so we know how many handouts to make.


We will study Systematic Theology I in Spring 2022 and cover Systematic Theology II in Fall of 2022. The topics for the first semester are:

  • Bibliology – What is the Bible?
  • Theology – Who is God?
  • Anthropology – What is Man?
  • Harmaritology – What is sin?
  • Christology – Who is Christ?

In the second semester, we will cover pneumatology (Holy Spirit), soteriology (salvation), ecclesiology (church), and eschatology (end times).

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For both sessions of the course, our textbooks will be:

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