Church Internship

I want to encourage high school and college-aged disciples of Jesus Christ to consider doing your internship at your local church.

While it sounds obvious if you are going into the ministry, I want you to consider how you could get legitimate internship experience and credit doing an internship with your church, even if your focus is non-ministry related. While many vocational paths require a certain amount of specific fieldwork, some are more task-related.

  • A media intern could create an incredible portfolio of print, digital, photo, graphic, and video work for a church even highlighting different type of design for different groups or empahses.
  • An accounting intern could help prepare budgets, prepare cost analyses, create projections based upon giving units, etc.
  • A business intern could help create and implement policies and procedures to further the business side of ministry that propels a church forward.
  • An educational intern could help implement learning processes into teaching environments.
  • A health science intern can help seniors create a program for wellness.
  • A music intern could create a children’s choir or plan a program.
  • A Spanish Language intern could help reach people in your community.
  • A Sports Management intern could create an outreach event for the community using sports.
  • And more.

I provide you with that simple list to get your mind going. Not only could an opportunity like that further your development, but you could further the ministry of the local church.

The reason I want young people considering this option is:

  1. Maybe God could use your gifts in an unconventional way to support Kingdom work as an employee.
  2. God can use your gifts in an unconvnetional way to support Kingdom work as a volunteer.

For the future of ministry, we desire to see people of all different skill sets used by God to impact lives. Maybe an internship at a local church could get you going. Take the time to talk with someone on your church staff if they could use an intern for a semester in your field. You might be surprised what it could do for you and your church.

An internship at a local church could help you develop and develop you to help your church.