Drop the Blanket

You’ve probably already seen it. If you have, it’s worth a reminder. If you haven’t, you need to be addressed with a subtle yet glorious detail in the Charlie Brown Christmas.

You know the movie. The situation goes from bad to worse to the unlucky Charlie Brown. As he tries to put together the Christmas play with his friends, chaos ensues. He is desperate for someone to help reorient everyone’s perspective to what Christmas truly is all about.

His friend, Linus, volunteers. As he begins to quote Luke 2, he informs those listening that Jesus is the point of Christmas.

That part is obvious and yet somewhat shocking they will still play it on television these days.

The subtle part is a clever way to encourage us.

Linus is always known for his security blanket. Even if he is ridiculed for having it with him at all times, it doesn’t stop him. Wherever Linus goes, his blanket goes.

Fearful people often have something that helps ground them when life gets challenging or anxious. For Linus, it really is a security blanket.

But as Linus begins to recite the angels’ message to the shepherds, he does something powerful as he says, “Fear not.”

He drops the blanket.

When someone alerted me to this detail in the clip, I was amazed at how something so profound had been so overlooked. The message of Christ made him brave. It gave him confidence. He didn’t need his security blanket. He had something much stronger to make him secure.

So what causes him to drop his security blanket should encourage us to drop ours as well.

What about you?

What security blankets are you clinging to relentlessly? Does the message of Jesus’ arrival cause you to walk with boldness?

If you are more focused on the uncertain aspects of your life than the sure reality of the presence and power of Jesus, it’s time to take heed of the angels’ message. You don’t have to fear. Christ has come.

It’s time to drop the blanket. There’s something far greater to carry with you.