Just (About) Married – Chapter Breakdown

For years, I have sought a resource that could supplement premarital counseling by equipping couples to do some individual assessments, partnered discussion, and collaborative counseling. I eventually decided to write that guide myself, and I am finally complete with it.

It is currently going through final tweaks and edits, and it will be available on Amazon in a matter of days.

For those interested, I wanted to give you insight into how the book is organized in case you wanted it to prepare for your marriage or supplement your counseling with couples.

The structure of the content is completely formed by navigating Genesis 1-3. Looking at God’s design for our lives and marriages, 8 key concepts guide the resource.

  1. Formed & Filled – How has God made each of you, and how does He desire you to align your marriage to His preferable design?
  2. Helpless & Alone – How does God expect you to be a suitable helper in your spouse’s life?
  3. Leave & Cleave – How will your marriage change how you interact with your first family and connect to your spouse?
  4. Naked & Unashamed – What role will emotional trust and sexual intimacy play in the health of your marriage?
  5. Fruitful & Multiply – What instructions does God provide regarding your life’s financial and family planning aspects?
  6. Commandments & Compromises – How should spouses help one another stay faithful to God’s helpful instructions contained in Scripture?
  7. Shame & Blame – When you sin against God and one another, how can you avoid common pitfalls in conflict and communication?
  8. Truth & Consequences – How should you deal with sin’s consequences in your marriage, and what role does Jesus play in your regular renewal?

I pray that this resource will be helpful to either your marriage or your work as a counselor. In a few days, I will be announcing its release here on this site. If you want an email announcement when it becomes available, you can signup here.