2022 Annual Report

We are consistently amazed at what Jesus is doing through the Rocky Creek Church family. As we celebrate what He has done in 2022, we anticipate what He will accomplish in 2023.

Let My People Go

“Let my people go, so that they may serve me” (Exodus 8:1).

I recently contemplated what went through Pharaoh’s mind when Moses alerted him to God’s command. He couldn’t imagine giving these people up because he was advancing his agenda too much by exploiting them. In Pharaoh’s mind, they existed to serve his purposes, and he wouldn’t give them up.

But they didn’t belong to Pharaoh; Israel belonged to the LORD. He was going to rescue them. The enemy would let them go one way or another. God’s people would learn how to serve Him on the way to the Promised Land.

What a story to remember and what an example for us. When I think of Rocky Creek, I see people who once were shackled and oppressed by a ruthless enemy, but God stepped in and redeemed us without any reason other than He desired to do so. He saved us before He commanded us. But once God made us His people, He taught us how to live as His people. Along the way, God allowed what He has done for us to draw others into the family of God. We persevere through difficult circumstances because we know we will arrive safely at the Promised Land one day.

Within this report, you will encounter stories of how God is redeeming many among us and turning us loose to serve Him. As you review what happened in 2022 and preview what we are prayerfully planning for in 2023, I pray you will join me in gratitude. We celebrate what He has done and anticipate what He will do. In the coming year, we pray that the people of Rocky Creek will see themselves as redeemed by God to go where He has called us.

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