2023 Sermon Series

While we don’t know what might happen in 2023, we know who will reign throughout it all, and that’s why we go to His Word for direction. In the Scriptures, we discover our redeemed identity and our redirected activity.

I love seeing the people of Rocky Creek Church grow in their hunger for the Word.

For 2023, we can summarize the plan for our sermon series with one word: Exodus.

Through much prayer and preparation, we desire to unpack the rich truths of God’s Word through this critical book without skipping any parts. To do that, we must take our time. We must spend 53 Sundays, to be exact!

In the Book of Exodus, we discover a relentless God who will do whatever it takes to redeem hopeless people in inescapable bondage. God delivers us so profoundly that we should devote our lives wholeheartedly to Him.

We will break the book into four sections, each taking roughly a quarter of the year. It is incredible how the themes fall in place throughout the year’s progression. The Book of Exodus foreshadows our stories of how we are rescued, redeemed, redirected, and restored.

Part 1: Rescued (January-March)

God sets plans to rescue Moses and use Moses to rescue others. No matter the resistance of the enemy or the unworthiness of the people, God brings them out by His power and grace.

Part 2: Redeemed (April-June)

God sets the people free through the sacrifice of another, and they journey toward the Promised Land. They experience significant challenges along the way, but God refuses to give up on those He redeemed.

Part 3: Redirected (July-September)

Once God established them as His people, He provided them with instructions to show how they are to live differently from the patterns of this world. Through God’s commandments, He redirected their behavior to a greater standard and a better way.

Part 4: Restored (October-December)

As clearly as God communicated the commands, the people could not carry them out. Through God’s instructions for worship preparation, He provided a path toward restoring their relationship with God when sin transpires.