Attempting God’s Work Through Your Power

Exodus 2:11-25 – Moses desired to deliver God’s people through his strength, but his efforts would never suffice. If God calls us to something great, we must realize His power must accomplish it.


  • While Moses grew up in Pharaoh’s house, he never lost his association with God’s people (2:11).
  • Moses’ intention to deliver was admirable, but his plan was unacceptable as he relied on his strength (2:12-15).
  • God gradually developed Moses to confront injustice and protect the vulnerable (2:16-21).
  • Moses began to realize something that had been true all along: he struggled because he wasn’t home (2:22).
  • God never lost track of their suffering and never wavered from His plan for deliverance (2:23-25).


  • God has prepared you all your life for the opportunities before you.
  • You feel restless in this world because you were built for another.
  • You never need to awaken God’s heart to the world’s agony.
  • God sees your situation and knows what He’s going to do.
  • A righteous passion accompanied by a self-reliant strength will never accomplish the will of God.