The Target on Your Worship Team’s Back

Your worship team is under spiritual attack. If your team doesn’t seem to be at war, it may be because the battle is already over. You’ve lost. As believers, you must understand that you are at war.

You aren’t wrestling against flesh and blood but against spiritual powers (Eph 6:12). Strongholds are being set up inside you and all around you, and if you want your worship ministry to survive, you must take up arms and fight (2 Cor 10:3-4).  

If you want to resist the devil and watch him flee from your church’s work, you must first submit to God (James 4:7). If you feel unsure if he is at work in your context, it is because he is good at what he does. Prowling around like a roaring lion, the devil seeks to gobble up your entire team individually (1 Pet 5:8).      

In a corporate gathering of worshipers, the people are supposed to respond to revelation. The people receive the revelation of God through the Word and respond to God through worship. All hell trembles when the people of God make much of God. If Satan can water that time down and attack those leaders, little work is left to do within that congregation.  

If you were the enemy of God, where else would you focus your schemes than on those who are supposed to point people to Jesus?

If you could get the worship leaders, including the preacher (who is a worship leader), to shine a light on themselves instead of Jesus, you would wreak unimaginable havoc on what could happen in the life of that particular congregation. As a member of the worship team, you are a target.  

Since you are a target, would you take some time to research the enemy’s strategy? Study through the common assaults and observe the wreckage on the roadside. And then allow the Word and the Spirit to work in your life to ensure you won’t be another casualty.     


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