Introducing the Nations to the One True God

Exodus 7:1-13 – While the planned Exodus served to rescue God’s people, He also intended it to wake Egypt up to His supremacy compared to the gods of this world. Never overlook how God uses His work among His people to bring the nations to Him.


  • It takes wake-up calls for narcissists to grasp that they aren’t God (7:1-4).
  • Pharaoh actively hardened his heart numerous times (7:22; 8:15, 32) before Scripture records God furthering it (9:12).
  • Nestled within God’s plan to redeem His people was an invitation for other nations to believe (7:5).
  • God’s will for Moses and Aaron’s lives didn’t materialize until they were senior adults (7:6-7).
  • Amid spiritual warfare, God swallowed up the symbol of Egypt’s pride (7:8-13).


  • Go where God sends, speak what God says, and trust Him for the results.
  • In your obsession with the world’s events, don’t overlook what God is doing among them.
  • Our enemy’s opposition is tangible, but it will not be triumphant.
  • Don’t allow any excuse to rob you of what God might do through you.
  • If your life never intersects with the mission of God, you are out of His will.