Remember How God Passed You Over

Exodus 12:1-50 – In the final plague, God passed over those who believed in the power of a sacrificial substitute. Jesus’ sacrifice satisfies our deserving punishment, and we are given life through His death.


  • God gave instructions for the Passover (12:1-13) and the Festival of Unleavened Bread (12:14-20), which Moses communicated to the leaders (12:21-23).
  • While God made provisions for the poor to be included (12:4), He gave no exceptions in dealing with sin (12:12).
  • A perfect substitute must be sacrificed in the place of imperfect people (12:5-6).
  • Saving belief in the sacrifice would guarantee that the blood would be applied (12:7).
  • The unleavened bread reminded them always to be ready to follow God, and the bitter herbs reminded them of their sweet rescue (12:8-11).


  • The Passover lamb foreshadowed Jesus’ sacrifice.
    • Unblemished Lamb (Ex. 12:5; 1 Pet. 1:19)
    • Unbroken Bones (Ex. 12:46; John 19:33)
    • Consumed Sacrifice (Ex. 12:10; John 6:53)
    • Applied Blood (Ex. 12:22; Rom. 5:9)
  • No matter what you’ve done or from where you’ve come, Christ offers a new start.
  • If Christ has defeated your greatest enemies, then why are you still living in bondage?
  • Jesus’ saving blood was shed, but you still must apply it over your life.
  • God passed over what you deserve because Christ was willing to take your place.

Have you ever placed your faith in Jesus as your substitute?