Organization Precedes Continuation

Exodus 18:1-27 – Jethro encouraged his son-in-law, Moses, to alter his leadership practices to focus on what God had called him to do. This simple yet significant change at Rephidim paved the way for what would happen at Sinai.


  • Jethro listened to Moses because of his respectful attitude and eager testimony (18:1-8).
  • Jethro’s conversion to biblical faith included a sacrificial offering (18:9-12).
  • Moses’ devotion to the LORD was distracted by the demands of others (18:13-16).
  • Moses’ grueling responsibilities were burning himself out and wearing others out (18:17-18).
  • Jethro taught the wisdom of one empowering some to meet the needs of all (18:19-23).
  • Moses needed to organize his responsibilities to experience all God had planned for him (18:24-27).


  • Maintain an attitude that keeps doors open for the gospel.
  • Don’t be so prideful that you can’t accept counsel from unexpected sources.
  • Overvaluing yourself will bottleneck progress, exhaust yourself, and limit others. 
  • Don’t fill your calendar with everyone’s expectations that you can’t fulfill God’s calling.