Strategic Staff Meetings

We work hard to make our church’s staff meetings efficient and effective because that’s not the typical experience for many. By using a shared slide, we prepare before the meeting and get more accomplished together.

How to Make a Big Project Manageable

If you undertake a massive project, you must create some reasonable steps along the way. If you don’t, you will get overwhelmed with the immensity and never make any progress.

Keep God’s Day Holy

Exodus 20:8-11 – The fourth commandment standardized a week by six days to work and one day to rest. Keeping the Sabbath day holy is about ordering our time to remember who we are not.

Organization Precedes Continuation

Exodus 18:1-27 – Jethro encouraged his son-in-law, Moses, to alter his leadership practices to focus on what God had called him to do. This simple yet significant change at Rephidim paved the way for what would happen at Sinai.

Intentional Daily Plans

If you have ever wanted to simplify your organization but are unsure of where to start, I want to help. It’s a biblical ambition to live your life wisely, but we all need practical help to know where to start. Maybe these considerations can encourage change.

Developing Godly Ambition

While we have plenty of examples of ambitious people eager to succeed for all the wrong reasons, that shouldn’t discourage you from being ambitious for godly motivations. Desiring to make your life count for God is as noble a motivator as possible.

Reorganizing Your Life

If you are like me, there are days when I feel like my life is spinning out of control. There are so many expectations, and I sometimes struggle to do the bare minimum, let alone what I desire to get to do. If you feel like me, decide to make some changes.

It’s Sunday (But Monday’s Coming)

Many ministry leaders know how to operate intentionally on Sundays but fail to capture the rest of the week’s potential. Be the most effective and efficient version of yourself for the sake of God’s Kingdom.

Evaluating New Adjustments

It’s a new year that guarantees exciting opportunities and unexpected challenges. To ensure your life is heading in the right direction, it’s appropriate to evaluate your headings right now. More than making resolutions, we need to make changes.

Reestablishing Your Plan

It’s that glorious time of year as you are considering making new year resolutions that will most likely not last the week. Instead of making promises, what about making a plan?