Strategic Staff Meetings

We work hard to make our church’s staff meetings efficient and effective because that’s not the typical experience for many. By using a shared slide, we prepare before the meeting and get more accomplished together.

You’ve been in those staff meetings before. You know the ones where there is no agenda? It’s just a free for all of if anyone has something to share with everyone. You lose the investment of everyone’s time by making everyone listen to what should be communicated between a couple. You walk away unsure of if anything was accomplished or who is supposed to do what.

One way we’ve seen progress is using this Google Slide, where people have to input succinct info before the meeting so that I can quickly lead us through the content and then move to our staff development focus for the week. I assign different sections to teams or individuals to prepare before the meeting begins. I have found that we can cover a lot of ground in about 15-20 minutes, which then allows me the rest of the time for prayer, training, and development.

It’s not perfect, but it sure has helped us!

I removed the sensitive names and numbers, but you should get the idea. It’s been beneficial in keeping us on track!

You can download a copy if you use Google Slides or a file to your computer. Download it, make it your own, make it better, and I hope it helps you get more done for the Kingdom!