Evangelism (Entrust Course)

The Entrust Institute is a unique learning experience partnering with a local church to achieve seminary training and practical ministry experience. We are committed to the ministry of training those committed to the ministry.

We entrust ministry leaders to fulfill the Great Commission within the context they are called to serve.

I’m excited to share with you our Fall 2023 course.

We will meet Sunday nights at Rocky Creek Church at 6:15 PM. Join us in the Fellowship Hall starting August 13th. Members and guests are both welcome.

You can get the info or get seminary credit by enrolling in the Entrust Institute or North Greenville University.


You don’t have to be crippled in fear when sharing the good news of Jesus with others. Learn how to share the gospel confidently in a manner that is faithful to the biblical message and with a method that is adaptable to each individual.

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