Imitate Their Faith

Hebrews 13:7 – Successful discipleship hinges upon accessible and imitable mentors. Many of us never reach our full spiritual potential because we overlook our need for those farther down the path.

Sermon at North Greenville University Chapel (August 28, 2023)

  • We have more Christian content than ever and are still alarmingly spiritually immature.
  • You need to imitate worthwhile examples and prioritize accessible ministry.
  • We all desperately need leaders who motivate us to do more.
  • We will rarely exceed the spiritual examples we put before us.
  • Trustworthy mentors teach God’s Word over personal opinions.
  • It is impossible to investigate a life from a distance.
  • The greatest lessons come from observing those who live them out.
  • A leader’s faith should be so big that it points you to its object.
  • Downloadable mentors influence us, but accessible disciple-makers impact us.
  • Don’t settle for a platform when God would give you a people.