The God Who Draws Us Near

Exodus 24:1-18 – After God provided the commandments, He ratified a covenant with His people. A sacrifice was essential so that the people could experience close fellowship with God.

The answer to all religious fear is to know the God who draws us near.


  • God is so holy that even His leaders couldn’t approach Him casually (24:1-2).
  • The Israelites gave a verbal commitment to obedience that their lives would be unable to back up (24:3-4).
  • Before they disobeyed, God deemed a sacrifice necessary to initiate such a covenant with His people (24:5-8).
  • After being cleansed, the people could draw near to God with an unfathomable nearness (24:9-12).
  • God’s presence was inviting to those near but seemed threatening to those afar (24:13-18).


  • We are too unholy to approach the holy God on our own terms.
  • The blood of Jesus is the only source powerful enough to welcome us back into the presence of God.
  • God is not begrudging in His forgiveness or distancing with His presence.
  • The God who removes your sin far away desires to know you up close.
  • It is never the preference of God to be distant from you.