Dependent Upon God’s Presence

Exodus 33:1-23 – God invited Moses into a staggering type of intimate friendship with Himself. Moses became so accustomed to that level of proximity with God that He refused to go forward without it.


  • The people were discontent with keeping God’s blessings while losing Him (33:1-6).
  • Moses experienced an intimacy with God that caused others to marvel from a distance (33:7-11).
  • Considering the task before him, Moses was desperate to know God’s ways more (33:12-13).
  • God promised to be with Moses, but this intercessor pleaded for God’s presence to remain with His people (33:14-17).
  • While Moses had seen God’s glory in the past, it caused him to long for it all the more (33:18-23).


  • Thank Jesus for interceding for us so that we could experience the presence of God.
  • You will know you have comprehended the treasure of Christ when you desire Him more than His perks.
  • Any distance from God is that which you have allowed to go unaddressed.
  • The closer you get to God, the more you will long to know Him.
  • Be so dependent on the presence of God that you refuse to go forward without His leading.