Worshiping on a Monday

You can worship on Monday as much as you did on Sunday. If God is good every day of the week, He deserves our praise just as much. So, what does it look like to adore God when your worship team isn’t telling you what to do?

I will bless the Lord at all times;
his praise will always be on my lips.
I will boast in the Lord;
the humble will hear and be glad.
Proclaim the Lord’s greatness with me;
let us exalt his name together.

Psalm 34:1-3

David started by blessing the “LORD.” It’s not just any name. This name is the covenantal name for God. When Moses inquired of the name speaking from the burning bush, the voice replied with, “Yahweh.” He is the Great I AM. He defines Himself.

So, when you begin to bless that name, it implies you know the one you are worshipping. The more you know Him, the easier it will be to praise Him. One way to bless the God you know consistently is by adoring Him specifically.

  • What names of God give you hope?
  • Do you still marvel at the fact you can call Him “Father” (Matt. 6:9)?
  • Have you seen God prove to be Jehovah Jireh by providing for your needs (Gen. 22:14)?
  • How do you process the fact that you can refer to Jesus as “friend” (John 15:15)?

You don’t require a worship band to initiate your praise. Write down names of God that connect your heart to His, then pray and thank Him for those differing aspects. Your prayers become worship. You might even start singing songs that remind you of those traits.

As your affection grows for God regularly, it also allows you to brag about who He is to others. If you are learning important lessons about who God is during your time in the Word, share it with someone else. Boast in Him!

As you do that, it will inspire others to join you in exalting the Almighty God. And the more you do that on the weekdays, the easier it will be to worship Him with your church family on Sundays. Let worship be your soundtrack all week long. It will invigorate your faith and inspire others as well.

Don’t reserve your praise for only on Sundays. He’s just as worthy every day of the week.