The Distinctive Discipleship Process

Distinctive Discipleship is a process – not a program. It’s a method to help you design a specific plan for Christian maturity in your life or in the life of someone you are discipling. 

Generalized approaches can never adequately address distinct disciples. If no one has ever expressed this thought to you, realize that you are entirely unique. Some people can relate to you, but no one is exactly like you. To see legitimate discipleship take place in your life and the lives of those around you, we cannot depend upon widespread methods hoping to address the specific needs of everyone. 

Based on the example Paul gave in Colossians 1:27-29, the model incorporates six categories to use as a framework in discipleship. Serving as a filter with which to narrow down your process, you will create a seasonal plan to work on distinct areas.

  1. Delight – What do you delight in more than Jesus, and what can you do to push back that rival?
  2. Disobedience – What weak and sinful area do you need to address now?
  3. Doctrine – What is one critical biblical doctrine you could develop for the next few months?
  4. Development – What is one key area in which you need to grow regarding your calling and surroundings?
  5. Discipline – What is one pivotal spiritual discipline that you could plan to improve?
  6. Dependence – What is one thing you are praying about that only God can do?

Creating a personal discipleship plan is good for an individual, better with a partner, but best with a mentor. Any options are better than no options, but complete discipleship requires a mentor investing in you.



The Plan Builder allows you to build your plan right from your phone or computer. After you fill out this form to build your plan, we’ll instantly email you a customized bookmark and handout so you can carry your plan with you where you go. 

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