Psalms [Vol. 2]

While all Scripture is inspired by God, Psalms are inspired for God. These ancient worship songs teach us how to respond to the unchanging God.


Let All the Peoples Praise You

God’s blessing is a means to the end of God’s way of being known among all nations. How are we using the gifts of God to fulfill the commission of God? Our world is out of balance because we don’t want God at…


I AM the Center of the Universe

We mistakenly live as if we are the center of the universe. If we can truly understand the might of our Creator, we can finally grasp our proper perspective as part of the creation.

Hardships Don’t Give a Free Pass for Sin

We often need God’s protection from wicked people, but do we ever consider the protection we need from our own sinful habits? Just because we experience struggles does not mean that we can justify sin.