The 2nd Mile Podcast

Protecting Your Devotions The 2nd Mile Podcast

If you’ve been following Jesus for a while, someone has encouraged you to do a quiet time. Most likely, some of them made the unthinkable suggestion that the mornings are actually better, but you find yourself groggy and distracted as soon as you wake. It’s time to go the second mile in protecting your devotions.
  1. Protecting Your Devotions
  2. Silencing Your Phone
  3. Scheduling Your Week
  4. Stilling Your Soul
  5. Renewing Your Mind

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Rocky Creek Sermons

The Dailiness of Devotion Rocky Creek

You will not grow closer to Christ by accident. Our spiritual conditions are contingent upon the intentional disciplines to withdraw from distractions and engage with devotions.
  1. The Dailiness of Devotion
  2. The Tyranny of Technology
  3. The Burden of Busyness
  4. The Danger of Distraction
  5. Building a Godly Home

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The Equip Podcast

Who Determines the Meaning of Scripture? Rocky Creek Equip

A study of Scripture lacking thorough interpretative guidelines can lead to inaccurate beliefs. The foundational task of hermeneutics is deciding who determines the meaning of Scripture.
  1. Who Determines the Meaning of Scripture?
  2. What Is Hermeneutics?
  3. What Is the Bible?
  4. Hermeneutics Overview
  5. Generational Curses

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