The 2nd Mile Podcast

Studying the Word The 2nd Mile Podcast

You’ve made attempts to read different sections of the Bible with varying levels of success, but if you are going to be a lifelong student of the Word, you must show perseverance. Each of us needs a longterm plan for spiritual growth. It’s time to go the second mile in studying the Word.
  1. Studying the Word
  2. Week 15: The End
  3. Week 14: The Revelation
  4. Week 13: The Gospel
  5. Week 12: The Spread

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Rocky Creek Sermons

God Hasn't Given Up On You Rocky Creek

While we haven’t arrived at God’s destination for our lives, we should watch for signs to determine if we are getting there. God hasn’t given up on us, and He will continue to work on us until He finishes what He started.
  1. God Hasn't Given Up On You
  2. Practicing Spiritual Discernment
  3. Three Decisions That Will Change Your Life
  4. Embracing Your Church as Family
  5. Jesus Died So We Can Live

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The Equip Podcast

Biblical Expectation Rocky Creek Equip

The Great Commission was never “Plan B” according to God’s agenda. From the very beginning, God desired to create a community of people helping one another to follow Him.
  1. Biblical Expectation
  2. Cultivating a Lifestyle of Prayer
  3. Thorough Theology
  4. The Work of Christ
  5. The Person of Christ

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