How to Have a Peaceful Family Gathering The 2nd Mile Podcast

We are on the verge of one of my favorite times of year – it is the Thanksgiving long weekend. Regardless of your specific traditions, these days are often characterized by food, family, and football, but for many of us, it's also known for frustration. It's time to go the second mile in having a peaceful family gathering.
  1. How to Have a Peaceful Family Gathering
  2. Focus on What You Can Control
  3. Praying for National Leaders
  4. Waiting for the Election Results
  5. Identifying the Government's Role

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What We Know For Sure About the End Rocky Creek

While we may be uncertain regarding the timing of the end, God is clear regarding the testing leading up to that end. Daniel’s final vision provides a vague progression of events accompanied by a clear expectation for His followers.
  1. What We Know For Sure About the End
  2. Even the Antichrist Has a Term Limit
  3. The Spiritual Warfare All Around Us
  4. When the Future Seems Unclear
  5. When God's People Turn Aside

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Intro to the Sermon on the Mount Rocky Creek Equip

Matthew 5-7 archives the greatest sermon in the history of the world. As Jesus gathered His growing followers together, He taught a simple yet thorough overview of how Kingdom citizens should live. Christianity is more than a mere association of rules, but it is a complete dedication to a countercultural lifestyle.
  1. Intro to the Sermon on the Mount
  2. The Power of Humility
  3. The Ending of Hostility
  4. The Changing of Majority
  5. The Slide of Morality

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