Addressing Your Loneliness The 2nd Mile Podcast

As the state of the world lengthens the timing of social distancing and normalizes our acceptance of it, we are in danger of becoming used to isolation. Loneliness is a standard emotion for many people and the consequences are devastating. It's time to go the second mile in addressing your loneliness.
  1. Addressing Your Loneliness
  2. Enduring Persecution
  3. Pursuing Peace
  4. Prioritizing Purity
  5. Offering Mercy

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Don’t Give Them What They Deserve Rocky Creek

Our tendency is to repay people for any negative words or harmful actions, but Jesus taught quite the opposite. The way of the kingdom is counter-cultural and yet life-giving.
  1. Don’t Give Them What They Deserve
  2. Losing Credibility One Empty Promise at a Time
  3. Avoiding Divorce
  4. Lured by Lust
  5. If Thoughts Could Kill

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How to Handle Your Anger Rocky Creek Equip

Living in this world guarantees that anger will be a common emotion. God's Word provides helpful wisdom regarding how to handle our anger.
  1. How to Handle Your Anger
  2. When Trust Is Broken
  3. Divorce-Proofing Your Marriage
  4. Protecting from Pornography
  5. Making a Spiritual Growth Plan for 2021

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