Creating Careful Accountability The 2nd Mile Podcast

As followers of Jesus, we are called to help one another follow Him ever more so closely. But how exactly are we supposed to do that? It starts by being intentional with one another regarding our personal commitments to Jesus. It's time to go the second mile in creating careful accountability.
  1. Creating Careful Accountability
  2. Engaging the Lesson Isn't Enough
  3. Studying the Bible Isn't Enough
  4. Authentic and Safe Groups
  5. Handling the Conversation Monopolizer

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When God's Plan Doesn't Make Sense Rocky Creek

The prophet Habakkuk could not understand how God could idly allow the sin of their enemies to continue unchallenged. If we believe God to be worthy of our complete trust, we must accept His plan even when it doesn't make total sense.
  1. When God's Plan Doesn't Make Sense
  2. How to Survive Life's Storms
  3. The Make-Believer
  4. The Broken Rule
  5. Your Father Isn’t Annoyed by Your Requests

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Anxious for Nothing Rocky Creek Equip

Anxiety effects every single one of us in different ways and varying degrees. Learn some biblical ways to address your anxiety.
  1. Anxious for Nothing
  2. How to Read the Entire Bible
  3. Why Should Someone Get Baptized?
  4. Reintroduced to God as Father
  5. How to Confront Compassionately

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