Leadership Team Retreat

Tuesday through Thursday, I went to Hickory Knob State Park with North Side’s leadership team to strategize and to simplify.  We worked on the year’s upcoming budget and calendar and also tweaked a few things that needed improving.  While there is no way to include everything we worked through, I can give you a few topics so you can be praying and looking forward to things getting better and better round here!

  • Shepherd Development – We really delved into how we can best equip our shepherds at the church – these men and women are pastors of our church – they are our bread and butter, and we have some great ideas to help equip them.
  • Series Development – While I think each teaching series gets better and better, I think we figured out some things that could really impact some lives as well as get some of you involved in series development!
  • Counseling Development – Each week, the ministers at our church get the incredible opportunity to minister to people through counseling.  But the need keeps getting bigger and bigger.  We have some ideas in the work not only to improve our counseling procedures, but also be proactive in this community intentionally reaching out to those with counseling needs who are outside the church.
  • Zero-Based Budget – We always start our budget process at $0, and the last few days, we took requests from staff members and I think we have an amazing budget that allows a lot of ministry to happen.  In fiscal times like these, it is amazing that God continues to bless North Side with abundant resources!
  • Ministry Opportunities – God is uniting our hearts around some common ministries.  In the coming months, you are going to hear how you can change some lives forever!
  • Training Events – We have some really neat training and equipping events this year coming up you won’t want to miss.
  • And more – advances, improvements, simplifications, etc.  You name it – it’s coming!

I’ve never been so excited about the ministry of our church than right now.  Buckle up, family.  It’s going to be a wild ride!