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My first book, Freshman 15, went on sell on May 26th.  I posted this back on May 22nd:

I normally have a hard time promoting something I have done, but I don’t have a problem now because of two reasons.

  1. The answers in this book are God’s answers rather than mine – His ideas are a lot better.  Each chapter is devoted to answer college student’s questions according to the biblical standard, and each chapter has small group discussion questions so that a college ministry could read it together.
  2. The proceeds will save a life. I can’t reveal the entire picture just yet, but God has led me down an incredible journey that has allowed a partnership between this book and an unbelievable ministry opportunity.  I am so honored that I am going to be able to partner with this ministry organization.  The only reason I can’t spell it out for you right now is that the details are still being ironed out on the specifics of how this book will help out.  I promise you – very soon I will reveal on this blog on where the proceeds are going – and I think you would buy the book even if it wasn’t good just to be a part of this ministry endeavor (is that enough teaser for you?).

If you have been following my blog since Thursday, you should know the ministry partnership now: when you buy Freshman 15, you help the Agnews rescue our child. When I originally posted that, we knew where we were going, we just couldn’t tell anyone yet.

The week in February when we decided to adopt, I knew that this task is a huge financial commitment.  Here’s my belief about God-sized projects: sometimes God takes care of everything 100%, and sometimes God allows us to reveal how committed we are to the process.  As we prayed for this process, we felt like God was using this chance to adopt as a stimulus to finish this book I had been periodically working on for almost two years.  That week, I decided to finish it before May’s graduation, and I worked feverishly for that goal.  So, the cat’s out of the bag: I wrote the book for that group of graduating seniors and for money…because it takes money to adopt a child from Ethiopia.

I have been so blessed to receive emails from college students (and surprisingly many people out of college) that said this book has helped them in determining God’s will, dealing with the social drinking issue, quest for purity, developing a budget, reaching out to people in need, dealing with family, etc.  For those who have bought a copy, I pray that God uses the included teaching from his Word to radically change your life.  Know that you purchasing that book also helped our soon-to-be child and I thank you for that.

I have been so blessed by receiving messages over the weekend about how you can help.  Here’s a start: If you haven’t gotten a copy yet, buy one.  Buy twenty and pass them out to your friends.  I hate self-promotion, but adoption-promotion, I can live with.  While you buying one book does not cover a plane ticket, every little bit helps in this process.

Here’s how you can help by getting the word out: You can become a Fan of the book on Facebook, or you can email your friends a link to this blog.  Thank you for your prayers and pray that this book will help many college students in their desire to live for Jesus and also speed up our adoption process.  Thank you again!  For the King!  For his Kingdom!

You can get your copy of Freshman 15 here.

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