“Why Hasn’t God Let Us Have Children?”

Infertility is a reality, and many of you might have troubles reading stories about having children because at this point, you do not have any of your own. As you pray concerning children, maybe you should consider that God has given you children already – you just may not have birthed them yourselves.

James wrote, “Pure and undefiled religion before our God and Father is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself unstained by the world” (James 1:27). It is God’s will for every Christian to do something about the horrific state of orphans today. You might pray, give, or some of you might decide to mimc what God did with us and rescue an orphan from the clutches of fear and isolation.

steven-curtis-chapman-family-photoRecording artist, Steven Curtis Chapman, believed himself to be done with raising children after his three children were getting to a certain age. That was until his daughter, Emily, began pushing her parents concerning the need of adoption. Three adoptions later, with one ending in shocking death yet ultimate victory in Christ, the Chapmans are convinced now more than ever the need to rescue the orphans of this world.

From the foster homes in your hometown to the international orphanages, if Christ’s hands and feet don’t rescue these children, who will? If you would like more information concerning how to make adoption a reality in your home or in your church, here are a few good starters:

  • Show Hope – The Chapmans’ ministry to helping families financially and logistically prepare for adoption. Visit them at showhope.org.
  • Highview Baptist Church – Pastor Kevin Ezell and his wife have adopted three international children and led his church to do even more than that. Their church has a fantastic Adoption Ministry that could be implemented in your church. Visit them at highviewbaptist.org.
  • Adopted for Life – Southern Seminary’s School of Theology Dean, Russell Moore, (also a member of Highview Baptist Church) has also adopted. He has written an impacting and practical book on adoption entitled “Adopted for Life” which you can pick up at any major bookseller.

4 thoughts on ““Why Hasn’t God Let Us Have Children?””

  1. You can also contact your local department of social services regarding fostering or adopting! The number for Greenwood DSS is (864) 229-5258 ext.114. I would love to talk to you!

  2. Travis, thank you so much for writing this post. My husband's and my passion is to raise the awareness of the need for foster care. There are so, so many children waiting for homes- wouldn't it be amazing if there were enough Christ-centered homes for all these children to be in so that they could hear about Jesus' love? We found an incredible resource online called "City by City, Church by Church, Child by Child: Praying Together for Children in Foster Care." We gave them out at our Gabi's adoption celebration because, even if people aren't in a position to foster or adopt right now, we all have a responsibility to pray for these children. You can order copies at http://www.fostercareprayervigil.org for almost nothing. Thank you again for this post, and we continue to look forward to watching your, Amanda's, and Obadiah's journey unfold!

    • I am so happy I checked Travis' site and read this particular post Kate. It's Shannon..your old adoption worker! I miss ya'll!!! and would love to catch up. I do hope the girls and all are doing well. My daughter Avery is 9 months now and I am continuing to stay at home. I miss seeing yall every month, but I know you are happy the adoptions are finalized:):) praise God! I will find you on facebook. i would love to talk with you! if i cant find you one there, my email is svaugh1983@yahoo.com, please email me. God Bless!

  3. I was going to comment the same thing..but Brooke beat me to it:) I worked for Adoptions at DSS for a year a half and there are so many kids whose parents rights have been terminated and are wating to be adopted right here locally.
    Best of luck to you and your family and the child God has planned for you all! So wonderful. Keep us posted!

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