Only 2 Months – Lander BCM

BCM Leadership Team
BCM Leadership Team

With everything that happened this weekend, I haven’t had a chance to share with you the great time I had with Lander’s BCM group for the last two Thursday nights.  The picture above is their leadership team for this year.  I have never seen such a group with so much potential, enthusiasm, and commitment.  If they keep it up and hold each other up, this year will be one of the most fruitful ministry years for BCM in a long time.  Great job guys!

For those of you that I met for the first time at BCM, please know that I love to be an older brother away from home if I can ever help be a friend and talk through something going on in your life.  Ways to connect:

  • This blog (you found it – good job) – I like to post stuff to help people grow
  • Facebook – be my friend
  • Freshman 15 – some of you asked, here’s how you can order it
  • North Side (my church) – we love college students, come do life with us during your time at Lander
  • Contact – here’s the easiest way to get in touch
  • RELI class – I’ll be teaching a religion course at Lander in the Spring – I’ll keep you updated here

They asked me to speak on a series called “No Perfect Students Allowed.”  The easiest way to share what I did each week is from a Max Lucado quote: “God loves you just the way you are” (week 1), “but he refuses to leave you that way” (week 2).  We talked about the grace of Jesus, but how he also wants us to improve in our relationship with him.  The first part is justification – it happens once, God makes us clean in his sight through salvation.  The second part is sanctification – it is ongoing, we keep working through his power to become more and more like him.

I challenged the group there last Thursday to spend the next two months critically working on becoming more like Jesus.  If that meant finding an accountability partner, getting a Bible reading plan, dealing with a certain sin, joining a small group, serving in a church, or whatever that might be.  We ended by them writing themselves a letter that I will mail to them in about two months.  In the letter, they highlight expectations they have that they want to meet within two months.

So what about you?  For the next two months, what could you do, stop doing, or redo to help you grow in Christ?  Let’s do this thing together.  Share an idea of what you could do in the next two months to grow in Christ.

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