A Pastor’s Wish List: Give Orphans a Home


Today was week 2 of “A Pastor’s Wish List.”  This was the Sunday I have been waiting for: “Give Orphans a Home.”

The band did a great job leading us today in worship.  I sat in with them in the last service, but since I was away this week, John took charge and did a fantastic job.  Today, they led us with:

I was honored that Jeff would ask me to share our family’s testimony concerning adoption.  When I first announced it, you guys were so incredibly encouraging to our family.  Today served as an update and hopefully a catalyst for other families.  I was a little overwhelmed at trying to condense 10 months of intense soul searching into 15 minutes this morning, but I trust the Holy Spirit that he will use what I gave to him.  While you can listen to the whole presentation here, you can also check out these videos we used:

Orphan Sunday from Christian Alliance for Orphans on Vimeo.

It is only 3:37pm as I am writing this and I am already overwhelmed by the comments at the church, on Facebook, etc.  One of my favorite comments was from a college student who told me this:

“Travis, you have no idea what you are going to give to that little boy.  I was adopted, and you can’t understand what it means to know that my parents loved me enough to give me a home.  Words cannot express what you are going to provide for him.  He will have seen God’s love in his home.  Thank you for doing this and reminding me how blessed I am!”

I just pray my little one can tell that to someone else one day.  And maybe yours too…

Jan. 12, 6:30 – Informational meeting on how you can help with the 143,000,000 orphans in the world.  Now enough talk from me, what did God show you today?

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