The Community Life of Jesus

Authentic Christian community is more than an novel concept, it is a biblical command and practice.  Looking at the life of Jesus, one can find an example on how to share life with others.  It’s more than coming to church.  It’s doing life together.

It was a great Sunday as we kicked off the new series “Solitary Confinement.”  The picture above shows one of the best community times of my week.  Praying with our musicians and technicians before services on Sunday is always a treat.  We each pray for the person on our right, then our left, pray for Jeff, and then pray for the service in general.  I get to work with people I know and love and how genuinely like each other.  Being led in worship by them is easy because I KNOW them.

Today, we worshiped to:

Have I told you people lately how much I love to hear you sing?  And you guys are singing LOUD and I love it!  Something about Israel and New Breed songs get me extra rowdy.  It was hard to contain the joy in the room today.  I truly believe God was honored with our worship today.  Now, let’s honor him with our worship all week long.

PRAYER TIME FOR SCHOOLS.  I have loved incorporating more corporate praying into our services.  This week, we had students or faculty surround different stations (elementary, middle, high, and college) for a time of prayer as they move into their mission field.  Woody Nivens led that time and you could see the passion of him come out.  He leads in worship almost every Sunday from the keyboards, but all of us could see how he shows people in Christ in the classroom everyday.  The prayer time was powerful.

Jeff’s message was so revealing.  He pointed out things in the life of Jesus that I never saw before!  Great stuff.  If you didn’t get to hear it, check it out online at  Both the video and audio versions of the message will be posted there by 6pm tonight.

Alright, North Side – let’s be the church!

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