Be Careful Little Eyes What You See (OG, Obie, & the Cereal Bowl)


I snapped this picture on my phone this morning at the breakfast table.  Uncle OG was finishing off the last drop of his milk in his cereal bowl while my oldest son, Obadiah, learned from the entire spectacle.

Never a dull moment in the Agnew house.

“Oh, be careful little eyes what you see…”

This song was in my head going to work this morning.  You can imagine how Obadiah finished his cereal off after watching his Uncle OG.  Oh, the things my family teaches my boys!

While this episode is simply humorous (and I hope it made your day 😉 ), it was a great reminder that my boys watch my every move.  Would I really be happy as a father if they mimicked my every behavior?

Would I be proud if they copied my:

  • Speech?
  • Devotional life?
  • Times of prayer?
  • Purity?
  • Heart of giving?
  • Treatment of women?
  • Work ethic?
  • Lifestyle worship?
  • Attitude?

So much to think about it.  Parents, they are watching, and they are also repeating.  Are we living a life that is worth repeating today?