Family Worship Guides

I mentioned last week that I was making a big announcement during my message on Sunday, Sept. 25th.  I told the church that God had blessed me by leading worship and preaching at North Side, but I felt God was leading me to do something else.

I felt like God was leading me to lead worship in the homes of our church.  As we focused on family discipleship the last few weeks, my big application was for the leader of the home to begin leading the family in worship before they came to the church house each Sunday.  My commitment in the deal is that I will provide a worship guide each week by Thursday on the City so that they can lead their family in worship sometime before Sunday morning.

Last week was the first week I provided a worship guide.  The picture above is us taking our boys through the guide in our own home.  Since we were studying John 1 the next day in church, we spent some time focusing on that Jesus is the light of the world.  As we took our boys through some dark rooms in our house guided by a flashlight, we talked about how Jesus shone his light into this dark world.

I made the worship guide, but I also had to adapt some things to make it work in my home.

I was thrilled to death to received messages on Saturday night from elated parents.  I rejoiced with families on Sunday morning as they told me how great their time worshiping as a family was.  Honestly, leading worship this Sunday, I could tell a greater focus in some families as they sat together and worshiped.  I was so encouraged to hear of the homes that sat down together for Bible study, prayer, and worship.

In addition to some Scripture to read, I gave some questions to discuss, an activity, a prayer emphasis for an unreached people group, and a worship song to sing along to (either by chords for someone who could play in the home or through a YouTube link).

I am being overwhelmed by all that I hear God is doing by bringing families together of family worship times.  No matter the age or the dynamic of the home, the guides are written to serve as a springboard but that each family can interpret to make it work in their context.

If you would like to receive the family worship guide, you can join the City.  We have to post it on a secure site, because in many cases, we will be sharing prayer requests of certain situations that can’t be broadcasted over the internet.  You can sign up for your copy here.