I’m Now the Father of a 4-Year-Old

It’s with great disbelief that I tell you that today, I am the father of a 4-year-old.  Happy birthday Obadiah!  It is so hard to believe that you are already 4.

The first time I held you in my arms, I remember my arms holding you awkwardly because I had never held that many babies.  While I was unsure, I was confident that I would figure this out.

That was until attempting to change that first diaper of yours in the hospital.  As a new, anxious father, I began to feel unequipped to do the simplest of tasks.  As I sat down with you in that chair, I remembered that I became overwhelmed with more than diapers.  I realized that I was responsible for you.  I grasped that you were coming home with me.  I was excited, but my biggest fear was that I would let you down.

I remembered staring at you and praying.  With the peace that only God provides, I promised that I would do whatever it took to raise you spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

While your dad still has a lot to learn, I can honestly say that I couldn’t imagine being more overjoyed than I am at the wonderful young man you are becoming.  As you become the big boy age of 4 today, I wanted to give 4 perspectives of why 4 close people love you:

  1. Dad – You taught Dad how to be intentional.  Your presence in our home made me start thinking about the power of my words and actions.  You and I have always been able to laugh a lot together as we create silly things to do.  As my first child, you officially made me a father, and I cannot imagine what life was like before you arrived.  Your father rejoices over the gift that you are.
  2. Mom – You taught Mom how to play like a boy.  As a girly girl, many people assumed your mother would be disappointed her first child was a boy instead of a girl.  She loved every minute of it!  Due to your fun and loving personality, she said she could handle a house full of boys (of course, Gloria’s pink invasion has been pretty special for her though)!  Your connection to Mom is what made her desire to walk into a new job she loved when we decided she would work in the home.
  3. Eli – You taught Eli how to walk.  Your selfless example to share toys, give affection, and your protective instinct over your brother is one of the main reasons he caught up from very difficult odds.  He wanted to walk because you did.  He wanted to learn how to eat correctly because you did.  He wanted to play the drums, trucks, and trailers because you did.  And you showed him how.  I can’t imagine two better brothers.
  4. Gloria – You taught Gloria to feel secure.  Before she entered into this world, you prayed, asked questions, and checked on Mom to make sure your baby sister was doing fine.  Since she arrived, you have been meticulous to make sure people are quiet, calm, and easy on her.  Your sensitive heart in caring for her and giving her affection is unbelievable at your age.  I have never seen an ounce of jealousy at the love Dad and Mom have shared with your brother or your sister and that is one of the most amazing traits about you.  You are a fantastic, sensitive, caring big brother through and through.

Your family loves you.