The Father Who Prays

Rick Via is an evangelist who has shared the gospel in over 40 foreign countries. Through his work in the United States and all over the world, he has seen many converts and equipped many saints for the work of ministry. While his ministry has been very active and busy for years, his greatest contribution to the Kingdom comes in a different arena.

Rick and his wife, Janet, have 5 grown children who are all “involved in ministry in one form or fashion.” They are also blessed to have an ever growing number of grandchildren through biological and adoptive means. While he has invested into countless lives around the world, he never stopped investing into his children.

As he watched his children get married over the years, he had the privilege to stand up at wedding rehearsal dinners and share how he had prayed for each child and their future spouses. As he communicated what he prayed for his family, God had been faithful to his requests. Without even knowing who the spouses would be, God had been answering his prayers concerning the type of person each would be.

“For years I have prayed what I would call general prayers for my children. These prayers would include such things as their health, safety, behavior, studies, etc.,” Rick stated. “I have always also prayed specific prayers focused on specific situations and events concerning their life mate, college, life’s calling, seminary, place of ministry. We always know we are praying in the will of God when we pray the Scripture over our children.  I would usually choose  New Testament epistles, using verses that speak of character, godliness, etc. I have also prayed against such things as alcohol and drug usage, profanity, ungodly associations and unhealthy relationships.”

While Rick has done so much through his life as a minister, his legacy is being multiplied by the day through the prayers he has prayed for his children and the life he has lived before him.

If Rick solely had focused upon his “ministry,” what are some of the things that could have happened to his children?  Can you begin to imagine how Rick’s ministry has actually multiplied through the investment in his children?

Rick is a father in the faith and there is much I have tried to learn from him.  The question is today: how have you been praying for your children?  Think about it this way: if you were the only one praying for your children, how much would they be prayed for?