Send Montreal


This has been a whirlwind of a week.  Monday morning, I traveled to Montreal, Canada to meet, encourage, learn, and pray for church planters in that area.  We were back Tuesday night!  It was a fast paced but a very special time.

Our time was spent with passionate men of God, who are dedicated to the Great Commission.  They love the Lord with their hearts but also their minds.  They have studied that city and know the areas in which they are trying to reach.  Spending time with the Send Montreal team of the North American Mission Board was not only educational but edifying as well.

Montreal’s history is unique.  There was a time when the city basically walked away from organized religion.  The city is now 0.5% evangelical Christian and there is 1 church per 185,000 people in that area.

We were invited to come and see the work that is being done.  While the stats seem bad, God is at work.

God has called and equipped the Body of Christ in this area in an incredible way.  A pastor who has been there for 20 plus years recently said he feels as if they are on the cusp of a great wave.  A great movement of God is about to take place.


Today, I’m praying for the Montreal team.  I ask you to do the same.  You can view a video below on some of what is happening.  And if you are interested on how you can help serve there, check out this link.