1 John Recap


A few months ago, we looked at the calendar and needed to plan how we were going to end the series on 1 John – “Knowing That You Know Jesus.”  I had this random idea.  I began to tell Jeff what I was thinking, and he said, “I was thinking the exact same thing.  Let’s go with it.”

So, anyway, that “go with it” happened this morning. It was powerful and unexpected.

We simply read through the Book of 1 John.  At the end of different sections, we worshiped according to the truth read.  It was so simple and powerful just letting the Word speak.  No commentary.  No need for explanation.  And we know it did not return void.

Gus Burgdorf did a great job sharing his work with the Gideon’s ministry.  The Word is powerful (getting the theme yet?).

Today, we worshiped to a lot of music:

These songs were birthed out of Scripture and were a great way to focus after each major section of reading.  Powerful time.  Like Jeff said, “I’m almost tempted to say ‘I hope you enjoy this.’  But I’m not.  Worship isn’t for your enjoyment.  It’s for God’s.”

I hope God was pleased with what you offered Him today!