“If It’s Based On the Word of God…”


Our band got the privilege of leading worship at First Baptist Ware Shoals Sunday night.  We were asked to do the “Knowing Jesus” event and our group always loves getting to go through that music together.

The music was composed by our band and it tells the story of Christ through the major events and teaching.

Since writing the music (approximately 18 months ago), we have gotten the privilege of leading it at North Side, other churches, jails, college campuses, etc.  It has been so unique to see that no matter the environment, there is always something special and specific that takes place.

This church has some of the best musicians I know of.  They have great folks in it.  The style of music that we led is not the norm there, but everyone was very appreciative.

We struggled to get the volume right in that room.  To lead this, you need to perform with energy, but you don’t want to be too loud.  We didn’t want to lose anybody.  It’s a fine balance.

Right before we began, I noticed a couple in their 80s about 4 rows away from the stage in front of David’s drum set.  I thought to myself: this could end very, very badly.

As we began, there was no response.  There wasn’t a look of disgust or happiness.  No one was holding their ears or crossing their arms, but I just kept watching them to see what did they think.  I don’t know why, but I just locked onto them and kept waiting for some type of reaction.

The whole night, I couldn’t tell if they were loving or hating what we were doing.

After the service, they walked right up to me.  The older gentleman said, “Son, I want to have a word with you.”

Here it comes.  “Yes, sir.”

“I was told a long time ago, that if it’s based on the Word of God, you can’t go wrong.  And you guys did not go wrong tonight.  That was completely God’s Words and it was incredible.  Ya’ll come back anytime.”

His wife chimed in, “We loved it so very much, please promise to come back sometime” as she revealed a humble smile that I hadn’t seen until then.

In all of our differences within churches today, it was such a beautiful reminder that while preferences divide, the truth unites.

So honored that I get to serve with a team committed to the Word of God.