Following God May End Badly


Short Sermon Saturday features Matt Chandler of The Village Church.  In this 2-minute clip, taken from preaching at the Catalyst Conference a few years ago, he delivers a not-so-feel-good message that following God may end badly for some of us.  We are not promised health, wealth, and prosperity.  Instead, we get Jesus.

If you notice in the video below, he has hair.  In the picture above, he is bald with a huge scar on the top of his head.  The video is before the picture.  The year of the video, he traveled around the country preaching a message at conferences that combatted the Prosperity Gospel.  He wanted to inform people who followers of Jesus will experience hardships.

Months after he preached this video, he had a seizure in his home on Thanksgiving morning.  After getting to the hospital, it was discovered that he had a malignant brain tumor.

It makes this message all the more glorious.

As of now, he is cancer free, and yet his message hasn’t changed..