A Quiver Full

“Like arrows in the hand of a warrior or the children of one’s youth” (Psalm 127:4).

On the battlefield, arrows can hit targets beyond the archer’s physical reach.  The analogy from Ps. 127:4 reveals that in our lives, our children can do more for the Kingdom of God than we can if we love them according to God’s instructions.

Think about this: How would you like to see your children go further in the Kingdom than you will be able?

No arrow initially is ready for battle.  Each one must be shaped and sharpened to be effective.  How does God expect us, as parents, to sharpen our children?

Parents will be blessed with a quiver full of children only if their quiver is full of sharpened arrows.  The frustration comes when parents’ quivers are full of sticks unprepared for battle.

When it comes to the burden you feel as a parent, we must remember that God isn’t through with our children yet – and neither are we!  We have received the blessed invitation to partner with God to shape and mold these arrows into mighty instruments for the Kingdom of God.  Let’s not give up now!

The biblical command is to be fruitful and multiply (Gen. 1:28), but nowhere in Scripture does God tell us exactly how many children each family should have.  While there is no magic number of “arrows” each family should have, it is a matter for which all parents should pray.

Regardless of how many arrows you have in your quiver, are you doing what it takes to sharpen them today?