No Adultery

You shall not commit adultery.  -Exodus 20:14

Powerful day as we commissioned some of our own and continued through the Ten Commandments.

We began our time together singing “Go” and ” I Will Follow” for a mission focus.

After that, we watched an interview video with Taylor and Jessica Wolfe, some of North Side’s family who are leaving this week with their children to serve as missionaries to Mozambique.  It was great hearing from them how God has prepared them to go.

Jeff got the family up and we were able to pray over them as a congregation.  As we prayed for this precious family, I was moved to tears thinking about how much I love this family and how ridiculously proud I am of them.  They are family and I can’t wait to see how God uses them to take the gospel to the nations.


After the prayer time, we sang “Carry Your Name” which is probably my favorite mission song.  Such a powerful time to sing this and pray this for the Wolfe family and our entire church family.

Jeff preached an incredible message on “No Adultery.”  Marriage is a covenant relationship which demands faithfulness.

Some of the takeaways I wrote down were:

  • You must address your situation from a spiritual perspective.
  • If you are in an adulterous relationship now, repent and confess.
  • Guys, make a covenant with your eyes not to look lustfully at another (Job 31:1).
  • Women, make a covenant with modesty so that you can make yourself look attractive, but do so for your spouse (1 Peter 3:1-6).
  • Married couples, nurture your relationship.
  • We are all guilty of breaking this commandment (Matt. 5:27-28).
  • In Christ, we are all guiltless of this commandment (Rom. 8:1) – that’s the power of the gospel!

So many other great points, but those are here to get you thinking.

We finished our time together singing “Lord, I Need You” which was a powerful song to sing after such a message.

Can’t wait for the Gathering tonight – hope you can make it at 6:30!


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