3-Year Bible Study Plan

Here is an additional Family Ministry update for your viewing pleasure.  We are excited to announce that one of the ways we are going to equip parents is by providing a 3-year Bible study plan for the entire family!

3-Year Plan

This plan will include:

  1. All ages on the same passage every week (except for Christmas and Easter where children will focus primarily on those significant events due to their importance at reclaiming those holidays).
  2. No more different ages in different places.  This effort is to fight against isolationist Christian growth and get back to what the Bible teaches concerning the centrality of the home (Mal. 4:6; Deut. 6:4-9).
  3. 3-Year plan going chronologically through the Scriptures so that you can see the grand narrative of the Bible instead of isolated stories and events.
  4. 18 months in the Old Testament and 18 months in the New Testament will allow a great coverage.
  5. If a family member promotes up to next age classing, they don’t miss a beat because we are all covering the same passages (preschool up to children, children up to students, etc.).
  6. Family discipleship can take place much easier because you will know what your children are learning without having to dig.
  7. Ages 1 to 100+ will all be together as well.  This means that grandparents and aunts and uncles and all family members (family unit and church unit) can share what they are learning through God’s Word!
  8. While our relaunch of Family Ministry happens in August 16, this curriculum will launch 3 weeks later on September 6th.  We want the system to be running well before new curriculum.
  9. If you aren’t in a discipleship group yet, now is the time to join one because this effort will help draw yourself and your family together around the Word like never before!

Gospel Project Chronological Promo