Washing by the Water of the Word

Last year, we celebrated my birthday at Family Camp and this year, Amanda gets the honors!  We get to celebrate the love of my life today who deserves celebrating every day of every year!

I love the picture above because it describes us right now.  Making sure we have those moments to connect and enjoy one another even while a child is reaching in one of our pockets!  I wouldn’t trade this stage of life with you – you make our home a refuge!

Last night, as we studied Ephesians 5 with the other parents, the phrase, “washing by the water of the Word” impacted me greatly.  As I am to love you like Christ loved the Church, I am called to wash you in the water of the Word.

  • Water washes off that which is dirty.
  • It relaxes that which is uptight.
  • It refreshes that which is exhausted.

That’s what God’s Word does for us.

And my job, as your husband, is to speak to you and live with you in such a way that washes you with it.  I am not to live in such a passive manner that assumes you know where the spout is.  I am to carry it to you when you are weak.  I should be happy to rise and get it for you even when you are strong.  And I should never attempt to aid you with anything other than the best of God’s Word.

On your birthday, I pray you know how treasured you are.  Your children rise up and call you “blessed”  and your husband praises you (Prov. 31:28).  I can’t wait to spoil you today and everyday!

“Many women have done excellently,
    but you surpass them all.” -Prov. 31:29