You Learn to Pray by Praying

Psalm 15 describes characteristics of a godly person.  It contains qualities to which we should aspire and other qualities to which we should avoid.  In the passage below, reflect on the qualities that grab your attention.

Psalm 15:1 Lord, who can dwell in Your tent?

Who can live on Your holy mountain?

2 The one who lives honestly, practices righteousness,

and acknowledges the truth in his heart—

3 who does not slander with his tongue,

who does not harm his friend

or discredit his neighbor,

4 who despises the one rejected by the Lord

but honors those who fear the Lord,

who keeps his word whatever the cost,

5 who does not lend his money at interest

or take a bribe against the innocent—

the one who does these things will never be moved.

What characteristics grabbed your attention?  Why are they important for a godly person to possess?

I want to share a practice with you that will hopefully further develop your prayer habits.

Wesley Duewel stated that:

“You learn to pray by praying.”

If that is true, we want to learn more about prayer, but we also want to practice it more.

Praying God’s Word is a great practice because you are aligning your prayers with something that you are confident God desires.

I want to encourage you to pray Psalm 15 over another person close to you.  Take time to pray that he or she truly possesses the godly characteristics described.  Pray that God works on him or her in these areas.  Is there someone on your mind that you feel like could use these prayers?

Spend some time praying over that person as you work through that Scripture.


What you will probably discover is that you will pray more clearly than usual.  You will also find yourself praying for some things that you never have considered praying over someone.  That is a good thing!

Continue to pray for that individual throughout the day.  Keep your eyes open for God working!