Broken Bones

In the “Unashamed” Fuge 2016 series, I preached a message entitled “Broken Bones” on Night 2.  The sermon comes from 2 Samuel 11 & Psalm 51.  It speaks of David’s rampant sin being confronted and the brokenness that followed.

Main Points

  1. Sin can start with being at the wrong place at the wrong time.
  2. Sin can only be covered temporarily by an additional sin or eternally by an unconditional Savior.
  3. No amount of coverup will ever be able to blind the eyes of God.
  4. There’s a difference in being sorry that you sinned and sorry that you got caught.
  5. Sometimes the most gracious act that God can do is to break the consistently wandering heart.
  6. Receiving grace should lead to revealing grace.

Sermon Audio