Top 16 Posts of 2016

I want to say thank you for all those who keep up with my blog.

I try to use this blog as a platform to encourage readers to stay biblically obedient in the areas of faith and family.

I pray that 2016 helped you do that, and I look forward to navigating through 2017 in the same manner.  As a recap, I have listed the top 16 posts that were written in 2016 and the top read ones in 2016 (regardless of year it was posted).

Top 16 Posts from 2016

  1. I Love Your Church – After reading about the removal of Perry Noble as pastor of Newspring Church, I was simply heartbroken.
  2. The 2 Reasons Why the Church Doesn’t Sing Anymore – When people don’t sing in church worship services, it is either the fault of the worship leader or the worshiper.
  3. Where Christ [Still] Makes the Difference – I believe that North Greenville is where Christ [still] makes the difference.
  4. When Hatred Casts the Ballot – In this election, many people are voting against what they hate rather than forwhat they love.
  5. Where Racism Leads – If you only grieve over the deaths of those who look like you, you are a part of the problem.
  6. Why We Chose Homeschooling (And Why You Shouldn’t) – While I do not believe that homeschooling is for everyone, it is right for us as of right now.
  7. Racism and the Gospel – Stop desensitizing feelings you have never felt.
  8. How to Pray for the Next NGU President – I have often found that it is easy for me to talk about something while neglecting to talk with God about that something.
  9. She Will Wear White – Despite the unfaithful behavior of this bride, she will wear white.
  10. Praying for Your Spouse – In this video, Lander University’s BCM Director, Scott Smith, talks about how to pray for your spouse.
  11. Foster Care Excuses – Have you ever considered becoming a foster family?  Listen to Randy Harling talk about his own experience and an exciting new partnership to help your family serve in this way.
  12. Lessons from a Hospital – I complain about healthcare stipulations while rarely thanking God for having healthcare in the first place.
  13. Why I Recommend MFUGE – I want to be completely honest: I have never once seen a youth leader regret the decision to expose students to missions.
  14. Wisdom About Sex – How do you fight against adultery?  1) Listen to biblical wisdom repeatedly, 2) Avoid the forbidden woman, 3) Pursue your own wife.
  15. This Is Santa’s Big Scene – Christmas has become Santa’s big scene, and Jesus has been reduced to an honorable mention.
  16. Unplug – With the expansive opportunities for connection via electronic mediums, I am feeling more and more disconnected because I am unable to disconnect.

Top 16 Posts Read in 2016

  1. Church Bulletin Bloopers – These statements actually appeared in church bulletins or were announced in church services.
  2. I Love Your Church – While I do love my church, I need to learn how to love your church as well.
  3. The Chain of Events Leading to Billy Graham’s Conversion – Billy Graham has shared the gospel with more people than anyone else in history, but do you know who shared the gospel with him?
  4. Sunday Best (Does God Care What I Wear to Church?) – Have you ever wondered what the Bible really says about what clothes to wear to worship?
  5. Love Come Down – We introduced “Love Come Down” from North Point Worship today.  It is a great Southern song that shares the gospel well.
  6. Husbands, God Won’t Answer Your Prayers – Be a man, but don’t bully a daughter of God under the guise of your masculinity.
  7. What’s Your Family’s Motto? – Do you know what your family motto is?  Have you looked up your coat of arms or crew?
  8. Why I Don’t Drink Alcohol (Even Though I Probably Could) – If your alcohol consumption could cause you to do something you regret later, that is an unwise amount.
  9. The 2 Reasons Why the Church Doesn’t Sing Anymore – Sometimes the lack of singing in worship is because the people aren’t worshipers.
  10. Where Christ [Still] Makes the Difference – North Greenville is a place not where man makes the difference but where Christ makes the difference.
  11. My Problem with David Platt’s Radical – My problem with David Platt’s Radical is that it means if any church gets serious about the gospel, Kingdom stuff can and will happen.
  12. When Hatred Casts the Ballot – People are fed up, and they are more passionate about what they hate than what they love.
  13. Fleeing Youthful Lusts Isn’t Enough – In order to flee youthful lusts, you have to run somewhere with somebody.
  14. Where Racism Leads – Racism leads to the cross, and we will either die there or be made alive there.
  15. Praying for Your Worship Team – Whether you or on that worship team or led by that team, when was the last time you prayed for them?
  16. Why We Chose Homeschooling (And Why You Shouldn’t) – You are not responsible to change your convictions to accommodate the opinions of your friends or family.