Top 17 Posts of 2017

I am always honored when an article I have posted on my blog has impacted a reader like you.  2017 was a year to remember for sure, and for those who tagged along, thank you.

Here is a list of the most read posts of 2017.

Top Posts

  1. How to Handle the NFL Protests – To kneel or not to kneel and how to respond to those who think differently than you.
  2. Answering God’s Call to Greenville – The announcement of our move to Rocky Creek.
  3. Survival After Youth Camp – How should students and volunteers handle the trip back from camp and into real life.
  4. Hurricanes and My Heart – I’m more concerned about the small hurricanes coming my way than the larger ones heading another’s way. Shame on me.
  5. Lottie Moon Almost Settled for a Bad Marriage – God had first claim on her life, and she wouldn’t let loneliness get in the way of mission.
  6. Student Pastors Aren’t in the Bible (And Neither Are the Rest of Our Church Positions) – We tend to have a lot of extra-biblical things in our churches and yet pick and choose which ones we think are acceptable or not.
  7. The Headache and Heartache That Was Rich Mullins – Remembering a mentor of mine on the anniversary of his passing.
  8. We’re Making Room for You – We had to add a second service early in the year at Rocky Creek.
  9. Thank You, Rocky Creek – Just a letter thanking this church for allowing me to be their pastor.
  10. North Greenville University’s 8th President – I got to serve on the NGU presidential search and this was the announcement of his hiring.
  11. Order in the Church – A sermon I preached in Titus.  I think this one had more traction than the others because OG helped me out in it and told everyone in South Carolina to watch it.
  12. Baptism Bloopers – Some funny and unexpected baptism moments caught on video.
  13. 15 Things You May Not Know About the First Christmas – Here are a list of things to think about regarding what happened at the first Christmas.
  14. My Favorite Character in the Bible – The bookend of my time at North Side reminded me about when it all started.
  15. 10 Ways to Welcome Your New Pastor – Rocky Creek was incredible welcoming us with open arms.  This list of what they did might help your church.
  16. Ministry Has No Promotions – Too many pastors feel like lesser pastors if they don’t have the title “senior” in front of it.  I disagree.
  17. Worship Song on the 5 Solas – Here is the info on a song I wrote celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.