Be a Disciple – Not a Consumer

Church isn’t about you.

Christianity began with a sinless Savior sacrificing himself on a rebel’s cross, and yet we are still trying to divide his garments among us.

It’s all about what we can get rather than what we can give.

We treat Jesus like a lottery ticket expecting to cash in big on worldly treasures.

We treat Jesus  like a personal butler expecting him to clean up all our messes.

We treat Jesus like a genie in the bottle expecting him to grant all our wishes.

We treat church like an amusement park anticipating a great day of entertainment and when it fails to deliver, we refuse to return and select another one that better meets our expectations.

We treat worship like American Idol judging every musical selection and presentation as if it was a performance for our subjective approval.

We treat preaching like listening to a stand-up comedian whom we cheer for if the routine is enjoyable and yet internally heckle if the routine isn’t our taste.

Instead of Jesus being the center of Christianity, we have repositioned ourselves there and the entire thing is imploding upon us.

Instead of committed disciples obeying the Great Commission, we can revert to becoming consumers who succumb to the great omission.