New Book on Marriage

I have more book ideas than I have time to write them.  While I enjoy writing books, it is a difficult process that takes a lot of time and an unknown amount of effectiveness.  I’ve got a notebook with many ideas that have been started yet unfinished.  Years ago, I couldn’t shake a particular book concept that kept moving up the prioritized list.

It would be a biblical and practical resource to help equip marriages.  The thought was to call it “What God Has Joined Together” and each chapter would be a particular item that could possibly separate the marriage.  I liked the idea so much I tried to get someone else to write it, but eventually, I could see my burden for it was pushing me to work on it personally.

Each chapter would finish the phrase with an application of Jesus’ original instruction regarding marriage (Mark 10:9).

What God has joined together,

  • Let no bitterness separate
  • Let no children separate
  • Let no hobby separate
  • Let no technology separate
  • And many more.

It actually came out to be 31 short chapters highlighting specific items that can separate a marriage.  

Someone could read a specific standalone chapter in an area of need, a couple could study it together over a month’s time, or an individual could use it as a guide to restore an endangered marriage.

As a pastor, counselor, friend, and husband, I see the need for helping people move past the abstract concepts into practical steps regarding marriage.  I have finished an edited draft but am currently going through more revisions and design work.  I hope to have it available in the next few weeks.

Without a doubt, there are far greater resources on marriage out there.  I don’t have any type of wisdom that is going to fill a gap that is lacking.  I did see the need for a more accessible and detailed book for couples who don’t have the time to read a robust volume on concepts or who are in need an emergency action plan for a marriage in danger.  I realized that many people have a limited understanding of practical applications that the Bible provides regarding marriage.  While there is more experience and wisdom out there than mine, I still want to steward what I am learning and what I am seeing.

I would appreciate your prayers as it is completed in the days to come.  I pray it can help equip marriages to reflect the type of covenantal love Jesus intended it to display.

What God has joined together, let nothing separate (Mark 10:9).