Making Time for Your Marriage

Romance, nurture, and communication takes time.  Setting an appointment to spend together is going the first mile, but that isn’t enough to have a thriving marriage.  Do you want your relationship to feel vibrant again?  It’s time to go the second mile by making time for your marriage.

5 Reminders

  1. The tragedy of how we spend our time is that it is often our marriages that suffer the most.
  2. The one who deserves your best often gets your worst.
  3. If you allot your time wisely, you will make time for your marriage.
  4. Ignore the lie that once you get through a particular season of life, you will have time to spend together.
  5. If you don’t schedule your priorities, someone or something will schedule them for you.

3 Important Time Commitments

  1. Daily Connection – Spend at least 15 undistracted minutes together daily.
  2. Weekly Date – Prioritize an extended time together weekly.
  3. Yearly Getaway – Schedule a vacation away from the norm once a year.