It’s Not How You Start That Matters

If you searched for the 1 book that focuses on marriage out of the 66 books that compose the Bible, you would arrive at the book entitled The Song of Solomon or The Song of Songs. The biblical “expert” on marriage appears to be King Solomon. In his book, he wrote flattering comments about his bride, but none is as complete at his line:

“You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.”

Song of Solomon 4:7

That’s a strong romantic game there.

For those who know his story, you have the right to be a bit confused. The guy who writes the most romantic lines in the Bible is recorded to have 700 wives and 300 concubines at one time (1 Kings 11:3).

My sincere hope is that he wrote Song of Solomon 4:7 years before he slipped into the sinful insanity of 1 Kings 11:3.

Even if he did, that reveals an alarming truth:

Just because you are the expert in an area at one point in your life doesn’t mean you won’t be the rebel later.

  • I’ve known people teach biblical stewardship and later fall into financial ruin.
  • I’ve watched people give marriage tips earlier in life only to fall into a divorce later down the line.
  • I’ve watched leading biblical experts walk away from the faith at a point when you were sure they were beyond the point of falling away.

Solomon’s example and so many others remind me of this truth:

It’s not how you start that matters; it’s how you finish.

Even if you started the Christian race at a good pace and ahead of the pack, it doesn’t mean you will end up that way. Don’t rest on yesterday’s accolades or present strides. Life is a marathon and not a sprint.

Don’t be the expert today and let pride cause you to be the rebel tomorrow.