Set Apart

I had the wonderful privilege of preaching at Edwards Road Baptist Church’s DNOW 2020. The theme was “Set Apart.” Here are the notes from our sessions together.

Session 1 – Set Apart

  • 1 Peter 1:13-16
  • If God has provided necessary holiness, we should pursue practical holiness (1:13).
  • One sign that we belong to Jesus is if we are fighting against the sin we used to accept (1:14).
  • You don’t follow a holy God by embracing an unholy lifestyle (1:15).
  • If you don’t want a part-time Savior, don’t seek a part-time Lord (1:15).
  • To be holy means to be set apart (1:16).
  • How is your life set apart from those around you?
  • You are not “there” yet, but you should be getting “there.”
  • Instead of wallowing in guilt, why don’t you prepare your mind for action (1:13)?
  • Do you feel spiritually disappointing?
  • What do you need to stop?
  • What do you need to start?

Session 2 – Distinctive Discipleship (Part 1)

  • Col. 1:27-28a
  • If you feel spiritually stuck, it might not be a dedication issue but a discipleship issue.
  • Salvation isn’t the finish line; it’s the starting line.
  • Particular people require distinctive discipleship. 
  • What if you set apart the next year of your life to grow in specific ways?
  • Delight – “Christ in you, the hope of glory”
  • What is your greatest delight that threatens your joy in Jesus?
  • Disobedience – “warning everyone”
  • What is your most dangerous sinful leaning currently?
  • Doctrine – “teaching everyone with all wisdom”
  • What topic is critical for you to know the Bible’s stance?

Session 3 – Distinctive Discipleship (Part 2)

  • Col. 1:28b-29
  • Development – “present everyone mature in Christ”
  • What area in your life could benefit from maturing?
  • Discipline – “for this I toil”
  • What is one spiritual discipline goal you could have?
  • Dependence – “struggling with all His energy”
  • What are you praying for God to do that only He could do?
  • Using these categories, narrow down the most critical areas for you to address.
  • Designing a plan will be good for an individual, better with a partner, but best with a mentor.
  • The destination of discipleship is the same for every individual, but each unique journey demands specific directions.

Session 4 – Making Progress

  • 2 Peter 1:1-9
  • If you want to grow in Christ, you must set yourself apart for more than just this weekend.
  • If there is a true profession of faith, there should be a true progression of faith.
  • Your spiritual health at the end of your life will be greatly determined by how diligent you are right now.
  • No Christian has a different standing before God than another (1:1).
  • No Christian lacks anything necessary to live a godly life (1:2-4).
  • Your faith is sufficient for salvation, but you must supplement it for sanctification (1:5-7).
  • Every person’s discipleship could be categorized as either increasing or ineffective (1:8-9).
  • The Christian life should be marked by gradual yet continual progress.
  • Do you have a targeted plan for how you will be set apart in the next year?