Leading Towards Regathering Practically

I was honored to discuss “Leading Towards Regathering Practically” with fellow pastors in South Carolina who are all also great friends. It was a part of the South Carolina Baptist Convention’s Advance Anyway podcast they have started during the COVID-19.

As pastors, we need to learn from each other without pressure to conform to another’s plans.

You are called to shepherd the flock among you – not the flock beside you.

That’s why I think conversations like these are so helpful. We can learn from each other and make our own informed, prayerful decisions. I love the support right now among brothers in Christ and among churches in our state. I hope it can continue once this crisis is over.

Join us for Advance Anyway with SCBC Associate Executive Director Jay Hardwick. He and our guests will be discussing “Leading Toward Regathering Practically.”

Josh Powell, Lead Pastor, Lake Murray Baptist Church
Alex Sands, Lead Pastor, Kingdom Life Church
Bryant Sims, Lead Pastor, First Mount Moriah Baptist Church
Travis Agnew, Lead Pastor, Rocky Creek Church

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