Church โ€“ It’s Time to Dream Again

Fall is normally the time of year that church leaders pray, plan, schedule, and budget for the upcoming church year.

How do you plan for an unknown 2021 when we are still living in an uncertain 2020?

The challenges remain:

  • COVID-19
  • Racial division
  • Economic stress
  • Heated presidential election
  • Japanese murder hornets
  • And much more…

The unknown is rampant. The challenges are massive. Yet the opportunities are staggering.

Instead of obsessing about how you can return to the old, have you ever considered how you can dream for a new direction?

Church โ€“ it’s time to dream again.

Maybe God is shaking things up to wake us up. Maybe we aren’t meant to fight for a return to normal. Maybe we are supposed to rethink.

What if COVID-19 has provided you the opportunity to prioritize all the things you have dreamed about for your church?

  • Maybe now is the time to make outreach more than a noteworthy concept
  • Maybe now is the time to take discipleship seriously
  • Maybe now is the time to simplify your schedule
  • Maybe now is the time to reimagine the responsibilities of your staff
  • Maybe now is the time to address those lingering issues
  • Maybe now is the time to jump out in faith regarding that ministry you’ve considered
  • Maybe now is the time to reevaluate your budget
  • Maybe now is the time to refocus your initiatives

What if the state of the world is setting you up to do what you should have been doing all along?

As you think through your programs, budget, staff, buildings, ministries, events, etc. for the following year, are you expectant?

I believe we each must decide if we will dread what this has become or dream of what this could be.

While we are overwhelmed with challenges, we are surrounded by opportunities. Oftentimes, the greatest ideas come from the most stressful of situations. When we can’t do what we have always done, we are forced to think of what we really should be doing in the first place.

Don’t dread where we are. Dream of where we could be.

You have been given the free pass to dream a little bit. What do you believe the church should be but never had the audacity to step out on faith and go for it?

Church – it’s time to dream again.